Nurturing The Cultural Inheritance


"Nurturing The Cultural Inheritance"


Raaga Cultural Group of Performing Art has been registered at Asst. Charity Commissioner, Gandhinagar, and Gujarat in the year-2008. Brightening the culture of Gujarat, teaching, publishing and performing traditional folk dances at national as well as international stage are the indispensible essentials of RAAGA. RAAGA Cultural Group contributes on cultural basis by participating in the Vibrant Navaratri Mahotsav, Kite Festival, RANN Utsav, Kankaria Carnival, for District and State level Raas-Garba competitions frequently organized by the Government of Gujarat. During “Navaratri Mahotsav” a well known longest dance festival of Gujarat, coaching workshop for folk dance is being structured by RAAGA. Contribution and involvement in cultural shows, contests, stage shows etc. at national and international heights are a operational activities of RAAGA.

Folk dance is mainly a group dance. Folk dances mean to express an individual distinctive of various multitudes. Folk dance is an act of people’s simple, innate and appearance converting into instrumental music and dance. Folk dance has developed in various types in the different regions and races. Folk dance is evoked from several basic activities such as food searching, seafaring, herding, ploughing in fields, religious sentiments and daily routine chores. Quite like religion is its inspiration, the same as nature is its expression and overwhelmed contentment is its dynamism and vigor.

RAAGA is nurturing and promoting the essence of the various folk dances in the interest of cultural inheritance of Gujarat like RAAS, GARBO, SWORD DANCE, MANIYARO, RAASDO, TIPPANI, MEWASI, RATHWA, HUDO and TRIBAL DANCES. RAAGA cordially invites you to experience the outstanding and attractive demonstration of the glooming cultural inheritance of Gujarat. Welcome to RAAGA Cultural Group of Performing Art.